Inhabited Island

I play SWTOR. I rarely post about it.

The Isenar Legacy:

Isenar’lath’nuruodo (Arlath Isenar) - sniper, double agent for the Chiss Ascendancy, the first character I created when the game went live, who exists in 2 forms - on Trayus Academy stuck half a level before 50 but done with the class story and on Shien level 50 and yet to finish Corellia. The new and improved Arlath talked Jadus into leaving thus avoiding the STILL BUGGED fight, done several less important things differently and developed an actual headcanon and lots of stories I hope to write down at some point (but most likely won’t).

Ishta Isenar - second character, stuck as a lowbie scoundrel on Trayus and stuck again as a level 36 gunslinger on Balmorra (ugh, Balmorra. Also, ugh Shien why so antisocial and not interested in heroics).

Serran and Onnejk Isenar - Assassin and Sentinel on The Fatman server. Big sister, little brother, one fought against the Empire for their homeworld’s freedom and became a slave when the Empire won (and then they freed her and gave her a lightsaber. Smart people.), the other was rescued by a Jedi passing through and immediately shipped to Tython because a depressed street rat with too much power unchecked  is never a good thing.

Serran was also my first character in SWTOR ever, played in beta. She had cornrows and less muscle mass then, though.

These three “Isenar” are all pronounced differently, btw :D

Jeyme (the mercenary), Estrill (the marauder), Salah (the shadow) and Hildr (the vanguard) all live on Shien in different states of “I’ll play them later” (Hildr seems to be winning for the moment).

There’s also an operative on Shien that I want to reroll because his face isn’t right, but REPLAYING 20 LEVELS AGAIN OH NO (ALSO, BALMORRA).